Thursday, June 30, 2011

hCg diet is working great!

I am currently using the hCg diet and I have lost 20 pounds with it.  I have stalled in the past 3 weeks, largely due to a surgery.  I will be seeing my surgeon next week and get permission to resume the diet and my regimen of walking in water.  I have friends who have lost 30 pounds and 50 pounds in 3-6 months times and are doing great!  I would be losing more but I have a bad habit of grazing at night when I wake up.  I have sleep apnea and my cbap machine is set too low, so I wake up often.  I had a new sleep study done and my apnea is worse than before so I will be getting a new machine with a higher setting.  I should be able to sleep the entire night then and the hCg will work better than ever.  For anyone interested in using hCg, I recommend it but only under a doctor's supervision!

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